Zhongdi LED

    Company Profile

  • Shanghai Didong Industrial Co. , Ltd (Abbreviated to Didong, DIDON) Is a company focused on LED Application product R&D, production, sale, Technical company integrating services, to 2014 Officially incorporated in, Headquartered in Minhang District, Shanghai, China.

    Di, Follow the old saying, Inheritance; east, It means the east and the direction of sunrise. Didong implies inheriting the oriental tradition based on honesty, Follow the footsteps of predecessors, Running against the sunrise, Rising together with the sun from the east.

    Didong is committed to providing users with leading video processor technology, LED Display technology solutions, Focus on the field of image processing, Insist on steady operation, Continuous innovation, The concept of openness and cooperation, In education, government, troops, meeting, Exhibition, (new) More solutions have been built in multimedia and other fields, For agent customers, Enterprise customers, And consumers to provide more competitive products, Service and video solutions.


    Company advantages

    • Compliance management "Leader"

    • Top domain experts

    • Enrich management practice

    • Strict management process


    Cooperative brand customers